Welcome to the refurbished friendshop, where you can adopt your very own, one of a kind refurbish!click here for listingsNeed more info? Contact us at [email protected]

What is a refurbish?

Refurbish are original, one of a kind hand-made toys made by me, saturnids!Each one is absolutely unique and made of recycled/repurposed items.

Adoption Process + listings

Information regarding the 'adoption process' aka, what you get when you purchase a refurbish and how to look at available dolls.All refurbish are sold exlusively through mushroomy house


Frequently asked questions, as well as more information about the making, purchasing and shipping of your new friend!

What is a refurbish?

Refurbish are your new best friends! Each one is entirely unique and made of recyled and repurposed items and ready to find new and loving homes.

First we source our materials: unwanted, discarded or secondhand items usually from thrift stores or marketplaces and get them cleaned, washed and repaired ready for their new looks!

Each Refurbish goes through a bit of a makeover process, where they get new faces, accessories and styles.

Add a little bit of our patented Refurbish "magic"...

...and we have a fresh-faced pal, ready for their new loving homes!

Most Refurbish will be made up of a thrifted 'base' (either a soft plush or porcelain doll) and then have new features made of clay, recycled fabric, jewellery and other bits and bobs.
Because of the second-hand nature of these things, all pieces are quite delicate and should only be used for decorative purposes. Refurbish have already had long lives, please treat them with care.

Adoption Process and Current Listings

Refurbish are sold exclusively through Mushroomy.house. You can check the storefront here.

Please note, that because each piece is handmade, stock is limited. We'll be working on announcing 'drops' in future, but for now we appreciate your patience.Once you've finalised your adoption, your little guy will ship alongside a customisable birth certificate for you to fill out, and a few other little goodies to keep him safe on the trip.

Adopted Designs


What kind of materials are used for the dolls?
Materials will mostly be recylced or bought from craft stores.
Faces will be made either of air-dry or polymer clay, painted with acrylics and then sealed. This gives them extra strength, but please be mindful that they are still fragile and should only be used decoratively and handled with care.
How long does the process usually take?
Most dolls take up to two weeks to finish, from the initial repurposing to the design, sculpting, painting and finishing.
Can I order custom dolls?
Yes! Contact [email protected] to make an inquiry for customs.